About me

First of all, I am… who I am!

Here is a brief summary of my professional experience. When I enrolled at
university, I wasn’t fully aware of the great opportunities offered by a degree in Psychology. I was just sixteen when I read “The interpretation of dreams” by Sigmund Freud. I’ve always had a passion for the world of dreams and I used to keep a diary where I would write my dreams and tried to interpret their hidden meaning or message. So, when I first had that book in my hands, I was fascinated by the description of the dreams of Freud’s patients and their associations and interpretation, even though I couldn’t fully understand all the content of the book. During my studies at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, I took a keen interest in the Analytical Psychology of C.G.Jung; I was intrigued by its symbols, mandalas, archetypes, but back then this subject was not available among the areas of specialisation. After a few years, I opened my practice and noticed from the beginning that many of my patients were suffering from mental discomfort, but their body were also “speaking” and trying to convey a certain message without words. I realised I had to understand a way to cross that communication barrier and find a different approach to focus on their bodies too. I started to take individual Yoga classes, and then joined a Iyengar school. Yoga opened the door to a world I’ve never left since then. I started an education path to become yoga teacher and thanks to that I found a way to reach places where words alone can’t go, on both a personal and professional level as a therapist.

While I was studying to become yoga teacher I felt again the need to know more about Analytical Psychology of C.G.Jung. Back then I was working as a therapist and also teaching psychology in a few schools and I also started to give Yoga classes both to patients and the public in general. At the same time, I accepted a temporary position as sexologist. After that experience, I realised I wanted to get a degree in Sexology, which is why I moved to Spain to enrol at the University of Barcelona (since the degree was not available in Argentina). While I was planning my trip to Europe, I took an interest in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, which is intimately linked to Yoga. I started to read books (most of them in English) and I met an Argentinian professor of Ayurveda that published books about the subject in Spanish. I also took an online course to learn the basics and fundamentals of this ancient medicine in the most renowned Ayurvedic Institute of Buenos Aires at that time. When in Barcelona and while studying for my degree in Sexology, I was fascinated by all the aspects related to this subject, especially feminine sexuality, erotism, sex education and Tantra (conscious sexuality, also related to Yoga). After pursuing the degree, I walked into the education path of Ayurvedic studies, and I am still learning nowadays. I decided to stay in Barcelona to open my practice and continued with the Yoga classes. I also started my personal Jungian analysis with a view to becoming a certified Jungian Analyst. I am still very much into the interpretation of dreams, mythology, fairy tales, women’s empowerment, psychology of men, sex education Yoga and Ayurveda. My
mission is to transmit this passion to those who can make use of it or those who are looking for it. There’s still much to read, learn, study and know out there, and I will keep on searching and studying tools we can use to find a balance and integrate body-mind-soul to live our life to its fullest potential.