How I integrate my experience with Yoga in my work as a Psychologist.

Let’s start with the definition of Yoga: according to Patanjali, an Indian sage and philosopher that codified Yoga principles into a system (Yoga Chitta vritti nirodha in Sanskrit), the objective of Yoga is achieving stillness of the mind. I think that the practice of Yoga in Western culture, with its asanas or body poses, works as an entry gate to the mind. Through our bodies, which are material and stable, we can get closer to our minds, which are more subtle and ephemeral (we can notice that in our thoughts).

Ocata Beach

According to the principles of Yoga, body and mind work as a whole, together with the spirit and the soul. Through my personal experience, I realised that Yoga and Psychology are intertwined, that is why I sometimes recommend to my patients the practice of yoga, to integrate it as a complementary treatment to psychotherapy. Certainly, apart from yoga, there are many other ancient arts, most of them coming from Eastern cultures, that believe in the connection of body-mind-soul. Individuals must seek by themselves the path to find the right balance and focus their journey into self-discovery.

Since 2006 to present, I teach yoga in El Masnou, a village which is twenty
minutes drive from the city of Barcelona in Spain. The groups are small and
students are dedicated yogis. If you want to stop by for a visit or try a free class, you are more than welcome!