Ayurvedic Recommendations for CoVid-19

Improve your immune system with Ayurveda

With the latest global news that both informs and unites us worldwide, we must not fail to offer the information that Ayurveda can help to maintain a high level of energy and to aid the body’s defence by strengthening the immune system. In view of the current news it is inevitable that an environment of confusion and stress is created.

We all know that good immunity can help us to fight the virus, and a bad immunity creates a weakness in the body and mind to fight it and take the most of the inner mechanisms.

It is all about contamination and immunity is how we can fight CoVid19. It is important to understand that a VIRUS is not bad itself, but more so once it’s in the body that the effects takes place. This is related to the immunity one has. CoVid19 affects the Respiratory System so it is the place we have to take care of most when thinking of prevention and treatment.

The fact that it is a zoonotic virus, meaning it initially spread from animal to human being (which is still being studied), has created enough panic in society. It is known that cold climates are nutritious for the virus so the idea is to create a hot climate in our body.

Remember: It is not the virus which is killing people, but pneumonia.

To manage the immunity of the respiratory system is the key: protect our lungs and throat.

Phamarcy at home

Internal purposes

First recommendation: Start with Hot Drinks

  • Drink hot water all day long and if you can add ginger even better. Hot water with ginger is the best to keep the body warm and create heat inside.
  • Include in your diet antiviral plants and ingredients in day to day routines such as: curcuma, black pepper, garlic, onion, clove, ginger, hingu (asofetida), tulsi. These herbs/items are ama pachana, that means that can digests toxins in the body.
  • Drink hot water/infusions throughout the day.(missing the herbal tea)Ayurveda recommends hot drinks (especially in winter and spring) to help eliminate toxins from the body. (here’s a link to a good infusion for this time)

Second recommendation: Pharmacy at home

Make a home remedy to have every day. Here is one formula we’d like to share with you:


Licorice + honey. Have this twice or three times a day.

  • Other option is to make your own formula using the following ingredients:

1 ginger part + 1 curcuma part + 1 licorice part + ¼ black pepper + ¼ clove.

Mix all the ingredients, put them in a glass with a cup and take a teaspoon every day with honey.

  • Sitopaladi churna is also good.
  • In order to clean the throat do Gandusha and Kavala using a mix of: Triphala + rock salt in curcuma decotion (video soon).This is helpful in the fist stage in symptoms of an itchy throat.
  • Chawanprash can also be a good rasayana for the Respiratory System.

Third reommendation: Eat well

  • Diet is very important, as a fact is our everyday medicine. Eat well and if possible fast once a week.
  • There are some items (spices) you can include in EVERY MEAL that are useful to prevent as well to treat VIRUS and strengthen the lungs. These spices are: curcuma, garlic, pepper and onion.

Here is a recipe that is nutritious, full of energy and to share with your family.

We know the impact of poor digestion and the creation of toxins in the body (ama). When we provide our organism with a rest of food, we encourage the strengthening of the digestive fire, this allows everything we can ingest to be transformed into nutrients and to be used as a source of energy for our body, our mind and our spirit.

Fourth recommendation: Stay calm

  • Breathe, meditate, at least once a day, do yoga, dance or the activity you like.
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Stress is an adaptive neuro-physiological response to external or internal changes in humans by adding cognitive-behavioral components that modulate the response.

When the stress response does not recover with a relaxation response, a burden is accumulated that produces the distress that makes you sick. Stress is good. Distress is not.

A maintained stress response generates the fight or flight response and deploys a series of physiological actions that accompanies it. This response is a conscious factor in the production of fatigue. It interferes with the body’s energy-producing systems, digestion and weakens the immune defense systems.

REMEMBER: Stress weakens the immune system.

This article was written under the assistant of Dr. Mahesh Patil Ayurvedic Dr. From Pune (write the name of your clinic).


Here I share here a very clear video from Dr. Vasant Lad from the Ayurvedic Institute