Ayurvedic Recommendations for CoVid-19

Improve your immune system with Ayurveda With the latest global news that both informs and unites us worldwide, we must not fail to offer the information that Ayurveda can help to maintain a high level of energy and to aid the body’s defence by strengthening the immune system. In view of the current news it is inevitable that an […]

Analytical Psychology

When my patients come into my office in El Masnou, their attention often gets caught by a painting on the wall with the image of a man. Some ask who the man is and why the painting is there, others wonder if he is a relative or a guru, given the central position I gave […]


“To Agni we speak and to the trees, to the plants and to the herbs; to Indra, Brihaspati, and Sûya: they shall deliver us from calamity!”. Atharva Veda In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic medicine, treatment comes from plants and trees, that is mainly from the plant kingdom, but also minerals can be used to […]